Playground is wide area to play for children’s. In Play ground children’s play games like football, cricket, hockey, etc .

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Entertainment is an activity for fun and enjoyment. Green Tree Play School conduct entertainments time to time for our kids.

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In Green Tree Play School, a great environment that suitable for kids with fantastic facility. We have experience faculty in school

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About GreenTree Play School

Green Tree Play School, is the best preschool of D.D Nagar Maharajpura Airport Road Gwalior which is situated in the heart BSF Colony Maharjpura. A futuristic concept  preschool was born out of the passion for children , was co-founded by Mr. Yadhunath Singh( ex commanded holding president medal) and Mrs. Rashmi Singh . The duo appreciates the concept of individual differences in children and are set to prepare every child to face the future challenges with confidence.

Mrs. Rashmi Singh is blessed with a  wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over the period of time.She has strong belief in holistic education and learning through the play-way methods. She is of the opinion that learning is authentic and interesting when children are allowed to experiment and explore even at their early years.

School`s Key People