About School

About Us:

Designed with Children in Mind

Green Tree Play School, is the best preschool of D.D Nagar Maharajpura Airport Road Gwalior which is situated in the heart BSF Colony Maharjpura. A futuristic concept  preschool was born out of the passion for children , was co-founded by Mr. Yadhunath Singh( ex commanded holding president medal) and Mrs. Rashmi Singh . The duo appreciates the concept of individual differences in children and are set to prepare every child to face the future challenges with confidence.

Mrs. Rashmi Singh is blessed with a  wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over the period of time.She has strong belief in holistic education and learning through the play-way methods. She is of the opinion that learning is authentic and interesting when children are allowed to experiment and explore even at their early years.

Our Diversity

Green Tree Play School is blessed with seasoned staff whose wealth of experiences are combined together to create a friendly and enabling environment for children to thrive. Our team, vibrant and full of potentials,  provides an interesting and enabling environment that makes the school home – away – from – home.   The beauty In the  diversity of our team is seen in areas such as our interests, exposure,experiences, the different backgrounds, cultures, religions, views, and opinions of  our children, staff and parents.

Green Tree Play School is a pre play school located in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). We have great teachers and ready to get responsibility of your kids. Playgroups are less formal than the pre-school education of nursery schools. They do not provide full-time care, operating for only a few hours a day during school term time, often in the mornings only. They are staffed by nursery nurses or volunteers, not by nursery teachers.

Green Tree Play School, Gwalior 

Play School aims to encourage a child to wonder, to think, to feel and to imagine.

The program shows two warm, caring people taking the time to be with one child. They address the child directly and personally. Into this relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of Australian children’s culture.

Play School is successful because it satisfies our basic human need to interact with other people and to be valued by them.

Play School aims to extend the child’s interest and it encourages participation.

Each program contains a story, some songs (both traditional and new) and a variety of play ideas with things to make and do.