Our Curriculum

We run a Curriculum that is based on experiential learning and geared towards the building of virtues and potentials in children.  Our curriculum is tailored towards producing a total child in cognitive,affective and psychomotor domains. We take cognizance of language acquisition and learning through problem solving. We encourage   our children to  interact and cooperate with one another in their learning process. Our curriculum is operated by teachers  who are dynamic,  versatile and are exposed to continuous training and research in notable institutions that train teachers in different countries.

Our Built Environment

We appreciate your concern for your toddlers as they leave the comfort of your homes to prepare for the challenges of attending school. For the transition to be smooth, we made facilities available to make the school environment a – home – away – from – home.

As you make a decision of choosing Green Tree Play School- the best preschool situated in BSF Colony d.d nagar Maharjpura,Gwalior for your Child, You are assured of the safety of your child with us. As your toddlers leave your loving arms for school, they are received into the embrace of our affectionate teachers.  Our environment is serene and highly conducive for learning such that children explore, discover and develop their potentials with ease. We bring them up to be creative and to love adventures to equip them for a fulfilled adult life.

At Green Tree Play School Children acquire skills through play -way-methods. Our kids are exposed to series of fun-fair activities that enable them  settle down quickly in school and make school life an interesting one. Our kids are brought up in a social environment  stimulated to accommodate independent discoveries  yet encouraging team work among them.

No doubt that Green Tree Play School is the best preschool in BSF Colony d.d nagar Maharjpura,Gwalior.